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The treatment

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In the clinicThe abortion pill
Actually, the abortion pill is a combination of different types of drugs. This method is possible, if the pregnancy does not exceed 49 days.

There are quite a lot of contra-indications, like asthma and hypertension. There are also quite a lot of side effects. The result is unsure: in 2-10% of the cases curettage is necessary because of an incomplete abortion or an ongoing pregnancy. The failure rate is 4-6 times higher than with aspiration. In ongoing pregnancies the use of this kind of medication can cause fetal anomalies. A possible complication is extreme loss of blood (1 in 500 cases), which makes further treatment in a hospital necessary.

Aspiration or suction curettage
If the pregnancy does not exceed 12 weeks aspiration (suction curettage) is the safest method.

For aspiration, the cervix will be dilated a few millimetres and after that the womb will be aspirated by means of suction. When the womb becomes empty, it will contract and this will cause a cramping feeling for a short time. The entire procedure takes only a few minutes. You may choose either local anaesthesia or local anaesthesia with a short-working additional painkiller.